Adam Smith Program
Department of Economics · George Mason University

Adam Smith Reading Group, February 24--Hume's Essays

Reading Group

Start Time
Friday, 24 Feb 2023
End Time
Friday, 24 Feb 2023
Adam Smith Program

We read the following pages from Hume's Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1994): pp. 80-137; 181-252. These pages correspond to the following essays. (Participants should focus on the essays in boldface.)

  • “Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Nature"
  • “Of Civil Liberty”
  • “Of Eloquence”
  • “Of the Rise and Progress of the Arts and Sciences”
  • [The four essays "The Epicurean," "The Stoic", "The Platonist," and "The Sceptic" will be treated in an additional optional Zoom meeting.]
  • “Of Polygamy and Divorce”
  • “Of Simplicity and Refinement in Writing”
  • Of National Characters”
  • “Of Tragedy”
  • “Of the Standard of Taste”