Adam Smith Program
Department of Economics · George Mason University

Stephanie Slade (Reason): Frank Meyer's Fusionism and What It Isn't


Start Time
Saturday, 22 Apr 2023
End Time
Saturday, 22 Apr 2023
Adam Smith Program

Reason Senior Editor Stephanie Slade will explore "fusionism." The word emerged to describe the thought of National Review editor Frank Meyer, who argued that Western civilization was built on the reconciliation of liberty and virtue. Slade, an exponent of fusionism, argues that fusionism should be understood to signfy not primarily coalitionism between libertarians and traditionalists but rather a philosophical integration of such views.

Readings: Frank Meyer, "The Twisted Tree of Liberty," National Review, originally published 1962.  Response by L. Brent Bozell, "Freedom or Virtue?," National Review, orignally published 1962.

Location: Buchanan Hall D180, Fairfax campus